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Studying in Spain – a popular choice

Spain is the 9th most popular destination for foreign students in the world, with 97,825 enrolled in our universities in 2012. And its popularity is growing – whereas the number of students studying in the US, Germany and France is going down, Spain has seen a growth of 75% in overseas students since 2000.


Why study in Spain?

1. The Spanish language is one of the most useful languages to learn

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world by number of native speakers, after Mandarin Chinese. Today it is the official language of 21 countries in the world and the number of Spanish speakers in the USA continues to grow.


2. You can also take programmes taught in English 

The number of programmes taught in English at Spanish universities at all levels is constantly increasing.


3. Spain offers cultural and geographical diversity

Spain has the 3rd largest number of cultural sites on UNESCO’s list, “42 World Heritage Cultural Sites & 11 Intangible Cultural Heritage Properties”. In 2013, it welcomed more than 60 million tourists.


4. It has international recognition for technology and innovation

Spain is the 4th European country in renewable energies patent applications, the 1st European country and 3rd in the world in agricultural biotechnology and the 5th in biochemistry and molecular biology.


5. Spain has a welcoming visa policy

Legislative changes have been implemented to welcome overseas entrepreneurs and academic and scientific personnel to Spain, through the Entrepreneurial support Act of 27 September 2013.


6. The country has high standards of living

The mild climate and lower cost of living than most of its neighbouring European countries make Spain a great choice for foreign students.  


Useful links

Government website for foreign students wishing to study in Spain (Internationalization of the Spanish Higher Education Unit - SEPIE)

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