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Study in Slovenia

Slovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonia Plain and the Karst. One moment you can have one eye on the sea, then look in the other direction and be surrounded by high mountains. You can ski one day and drink coffee at the sea side the next morning. And you must not forget that the most beautiful cities of Europe – Venice, Vienna, Prague, in addition to Ljubljana, are at your disposal only a car drive away. Not only that, Slovenia is also at the very top among the safest countries in the world (according to the Global Peace Index we rank 14 out of 162 countries) and for the year 2016, Ljubljana is declared the Green Capital of Europe.


Why study in Slovenia?

1. An easily accessible country at the heart of Europe

Slovenia is a pocket-sized country more or less in the geometrical centre of Europe, between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. The small size enables you to reach every hidden corner of Slovenia within a 2-3 hour drive from the capital Ljubljana. You can go skiing on the mountains in the winter, swimming in the sea in the summer, hiking all over beautiful hills and mountains from spring till autumn.


2. Study in English

The majority of Slovenians are fluent in at least one foreign language, usually English or German but additionally also Italian or Hungarian, it depends on the region. All lectures for foreign students are conducted in English.


3. Financial support from the government

Student meals are subsidised by the government, which really lowers costs of living. For example: A pizza normally costs about five or more Euros, but with student benefits you get a pizza, drink, soup, salad and dessert for 2.5€. You can enjoy student benefits in almost 80% of restaurants in cities that have students. Students also enjoy discounts on public transport, reduced admission to many events and discounts on participation in various courses and activities.


4. Quality universities

The University of Ljubljana is considered Slovenia’s central university and is ranked as one of the top 500 universities in the world and one of the top 200 European universities. Other major universities include:

  • • The University of Maribor (public)
  • • The University of Primorska (public)
  • • The University of Nova Gorica system (private)
  • • The Euro-Mediterranean University of Slovenia (EMUNI), the only international university in Slovenia


Higher education quality assurance

Slovenian higher education institutions are all nationally accredited according to an international evaluation system implemented and carried out by the national accreditation agency (NAKVIS). The procedures are conducted on a regular basis ensuring a constant overview of the development and the quality of study programs. At the same time the Slovenian Research Agency with its high standard criteria is responsible for the assessment and promotion of excellence in science of the Slovenian researchers that are achieving the highest results on a global scale.

Following the EU legislation the Slovenian higher education system was reformed in accordance with the Bologna declaration and is using the ECTS credit system for a number of years now. This facilitates institutional participation in the EU programme Erasmus+ that enables student mobility and inter-institutional cooperation. University of Ljubljana, the largest Slovenian university, ranked 9th place in 2014 in regards to the number of student mobility.


Useful links

The Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes, CMEPIUS, is the agency for promotion Slovenian higher education institutions abroad:

Your gateway to information about Slovenia:

Website of the Government of Slovenia:


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