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Name: Nadir Khassenov

Course Studied: Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Studied at: Saxion University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

"The Netherlands became a second home for me".

The MBA programme at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with the University of Greenwich helped me to understand the international environment, as almost all my classmates were from different countries and regions with various backgrounds. Moreover, the programme offers some team working experience at several modules where students come together in order to reach desired objectives, frequently through team work such as presentations in PowerPoint, workshops and group reports.

This is also a kind of life experience where you need to leave your comfort zone and step up to the next level of communication, negotiation and so on as you have to deal with people who are not from your home country and culture. It makes your life more interesting though challenging as well. But this is how students can become internationally oriented and open-minded.

I enjoyed living in Europe during this academic year as all Dutch people I met were very helpful, polite and friendly. I observed different lifestyles, cultures and human beings and I really liked that. Moreover, during the course and in the summer I could also travel through Europe without any restrictions. Thus, aside from the Netherlands I visited Germany, Belgium and France. For me, however, the Netherlands became a second home where I feel myself safe and secure.






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