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Studying in Luxembourg, at the heart of Europe

With less than half a million people living in just over 2,500 square kilometres, Luxembourg is a small but beautiful country, right at the heart of the European Union. University programmes are offered at the University of Luxembourg, which has 3 faculties and teaches in English, German and French.


Why study in Luxembourg?

1. A country at the heart of Europe

Luxembourg is only a 2 hour drive away from many European cities, including Brussels, Cologne and Strasbourg, and is the seat of many EU institutions such as the European Commission and the Court of Justice.

2. Multilingual programmes in an international university

The University of Luxembourg offers degree programmes in English, French and German, and there are language courses for its international students. With students from 107 countries and scientists from 60 there are plenty of opportunities for international networking.

3. A small yet fascinating country

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg holds no more than half a million people on its 2,586 square kilometers, but in spite of its small size Luxembourg has much to offer and is by many considered a true European melting pot. The City of Luxembourg itself is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the country was also the first to be named "European Capital of Culture" twice.

4. A modern and dynamic university

The University of Luxembourg was founded in 2003 and is both Europe-oriented and business-oriented, with its students graduating with the knowledge and skills necessary for the modern employment market.

5. No tuition fees for overseas students

There are no tuition fees for foreign students although there is an enrolment fee of usually €200 per semester .

Useful links

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