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European Higher Education Fair and Conference, Kazakhstan September 2015

The European Higher Education Fair Kazakhstan 2015 was held on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September in the city of Almaty.

The Fair brought together 75 exhibitors (higher-education institutions and national agencies and embassies) from across the European Union.The Fair was open to anyone interested in finding out more about the wealth of opportunities available for studying at universities in European Union – at all levels, from Bachelor’s, through Master’s, to PhD levels. A total of 2,100 visitors attended the event over the course of the weekend.

The Conference on "The Cooperation in the higher‐education sphere between the European Union and the Republic of Kazakhstan" was held on Monday 28 September. It was attended by around 250 delegates representing over 130 EU and Kazakh higher education institutions wishing to identify opportunities for co-operation.

As well as the opportunity to meet suitable partners, there was a programme of sessions on internationalization of higher education and presentations of successful case studies.






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