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Study in the Czech Republic

Higher education in the Czech Republic is well embedded and its roots go back to the early 14th century. In 1348 Emperor Charles IV founded the Charles University in Prague which is now the oldest academic institution in all of Central Europe. The Czech Republic’s location at the heart of Europe makes it an ideal place for international students who would like to receive a quality European education while experiencing rich culture and heritage


Why choose the Czech Republic as a study destination? 

1. A long tradition of quality education

High quality education and research, especially in sciences, engineering and medicine, has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. The Charles University in Prague was founded in 1348 and is the oldest university in the Central Europe. Quality assurance of higher education institutions is under the control of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.


2. A diverse range of study programmes

Czech universities offer long-standing reputations, unique conception and interesting specializations. Students can come for a short study visit or to complete their degree in a wide range of traditional as well as newly-emerging disciplines


3. The possibilities for international students

Over 39,000 foreign students are studying at Czech higher education institutions and their interest is growing as the offer of study programmes in foreign languages (especially in English) is increasing. Czech universities are more and more involved in a wide range of international cooperation activities and programmes taking place in the European Union and other countries.


4. Its location at the heart of Europe

Studying in the Czech Republic puts you in the middle of Europe and you will have the chance to discover all the European countries and places you might otherwise not have had the opportunity to visit.


5. Cultural experience and fascinating history

Due to its geographic location the Czech Republic is situated in the intersection of many cultures. The country's culture was historically formed mainly by Slavonic, German (Austrian) and Jewish influence, which has resulted in a rich Central-European culture heritage and lifestyle. The Czech Republic is sure to entertain you in between your studies!


6. Lower cost of living

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is not as high as the cost in Western Europe and life is thus more affordable.


The higher education system

Czech higher education institutions are divided into public, state and private institutions. Public and private higher education institutions come under the authority of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, while state institutions are under the authority of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior.

Since 2001 the three cycle structure has been implemented (Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral study programmes).

Nowadays in the Czech Republic there are:

  • • 26 public higher education institutions
  • • 2 state higher education institutions
  • • 44 private higher education institutions
  • • 390 000 students at higher education institutions
  • • 39 000 foreign students at higher education institutions.

Read more about the different types of universities.

You can also download a catalogue with profiles of each institution.


Useful links

Would you like to discover more about the higher education system, study opportunities and student´s life in the Czech Republic? Please do not hesitate to visit webpage of the initiative Study in the Czech Republic: or just visit our Facebook page.

You can also find out more about the higher education system in Eurypedia.






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