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Study in Bulgaria

A small but charming country located in the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is home to an impressive range of natural environments: from warm, sandy beaches to striking mountains and ski resorts. Currently more than 11,000 foreign students study in Bulgaria – they are attracted by the country’s well-developed higher education system, internationally recognized degrees, highly reasonable tuition fees and living costs, and the safe and friendly living environment.


Why study in Bulgaria?

1. A range of institutions and programmes

There are 51 universities in Bulgaria, offering a variety of programmes taught not only in Bulgarian, but also English, French or German.


2. Low cost of living

One of the main attractions of student life in Bulgaria is the relatively low cost of living, including accommodation, student tuition fees, public transportation and food. Prices vary from town to town, but overall you can expect your expenditure to be around half what it would be in other EU countries such as the UK or France.


3. Beautiful landscape and fascinating history

Bulgaria is a popular tourist destination, famous for its sandy beaches and coastal resorts, and also for its beautiful mountain ranges and snowsports facilities. If you’re interested in history, you’ll also find plenty to explore. One of the country’s oldest historical sites, the Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, dates back to the 4th century BC. The traditions, festivals, customs, and rituals preserved by Bulgarians through the ages are evidence of the country’s spirituality and its dynamic lifestyle and culture.


How to apply

Most universities in Bulgaria simply require international applicants to provide copies of relevant documents, which may include a diploma proving successful completion of the previous stage of education, a medical certificate, and a valid passport or ID. Some universities may also ask you to sit an exam to test Bulgarian or English language skills (depending on the language in which your chosen course is taught).


Useful Liks

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