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Study in Austria, at the centre of excellence

The Austrian higher education sector unites three very important aspects: a great number of high quality tertiary education institutions, a long academic tradition, and an open-minded atmosphere for creativity and innovation. In many areas the Austrian institutions have accomplished outstanding achievements on an international level and gained an excellent reputation worldwide.


Why study in Austria?

1. Choose from a broad spectrum of educational opportunities

Austrian higher education institutions offer an ever-growing number of degree programmes: you can choose between first-class research-based courses, world-famous education at any of the universities of the arts, high-quality practice-oriented degree courses at the universities of applied sciences, and sound, up-to-date teacher education and innovative courses at private universities.


2. Be part of an international community

23% of the approximately 340,000 degree programme students in Austria are international students.


3. Learn German – one of the most useful European languages

The language of instruction at Austrian universities is usually German, which is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union. Many institutions, however, also offer courses in other languages - see for further information.


4. Live in a safe, welcoming country

In Austria you can find peace and a unique quality of life, big city flair and a rich culture. As well as this you will find economic stability and the great hospitality of the Austrians!


Higher education institutions

In Austria, higher education is made up of: universities, universities of applied sciences, private universities, and university colleges of teacher education.

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How to apply

Admission to Austrian higher education is organised by the educational institutions themselves. To be admitted to a higher education programme, you first need to contact the institution that offers the programme. They can inform you of exactly which admission requirements for the programme of your choice.

You can find all the information you need about applying to study in Austria at


Contact in Austria

OeAD-GmbH (Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research)


Phone: +43 1 53408-0







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